About us

"We are a family owned and operated Butterfly farm and Resort here in Amazing Punjen, Wang Chin, Phrae in the North of Thailand. A truly amazing area well known for many years as an ideal habitat for a huge range of butterflies and other insects, many unknown or rare in other parts of Thailand. Wiang Kosai National Park is on our doorstep, with its amazing, unspoilt forests and waterfalls.

“Amazing Thailand”

is a phrase often used and we believe that this is truly the “Amazing Unseen” Thailand and is a wonderful location for discovering what Amazing North Thaialnd has to offer. Amazing National park and forest, unspoilt mountain streams, nature, Insects are my passion and much of my childhood was spent rearing and breeding Saturnid moths and other insects. I was lucky enough to work at the UK's largest butterfly farm where I learned a great deal about the life cycle of these creatures.

"We built"

Siam Butterfly Farm in 2010 in Punjen, Wang Chin, located in Phrae Province, North Thailand and later in 2018 built the two self contained rooms on the original foundations of the old farm.
We love our home, the nature that sourrounds us and decided to share it with as many people as possible to take advantage of the truly amazing surroundings and what we love, butterflies and other insects. 

The aims of the farm are not only to breed some species for the trade but also to allow visitors of all ages to spend some time enjoying these beautiful and fascinating creatures and learning about their life cycles and habitat. 

We work with local people from nearby villages who help us rear certain species and so earn extra income to support their families.

The business is still in its infancy and we are looking forward to expanding and enhancing the service we provide both to enthusiasts and to the local community."