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SiamButterfly Farm

The Insect Hide Away

Nature & Vacation

Nature and tranquility

At our resort & farm you find nature and tranquility.
Natural surroundings with peace and quite.
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Entomologist's Dream

Our resort and farm is in one of the best locations of Thailand for studying and photographing insects together with a great variety of other animals.

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Leave Your Troubles and Winter Clothes Behind

Visit Amazing Unseen Thailands Nature with us... a unique adventure for the whole family. Living next door to one of Thailand's great National parks and being true nature lovers for over 40 years, we have the experience together with natures own beautiful enviroment to provide the ideal place needed by nature lovers, collectors and photographers to get close to nature.

SiamButterfly Farm is located in one of the foremost natural breeding grounds for insects in Northern Thailand and Wiang Kosai National Park is on our doorstep. Since we are located only 1.5 km from the border of the park, you have close and easy access to explore this natural breeding ground. SiamButterfly Farm is a small resort and working butterfly farm with only 3, seperate Double bedrooms.

This keeps the number of people minimized, so every one can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and tranquility in their own way. Local guides are available to take you into the surrounding areas, and to help show you what your eyes have missed. Black light, 200 watt spot light and white sheeting are provided on request in the evenings for insect collectors or photographers. A drying oven is also available to rent.

If you are not an insect person or photographer, our resort is also great for meditation, relaxing , writing or just wanting to get away from all the maddening crowds. Trained village massage ladies can be brought in for a traditional Thai massage at your request. Our outdoor sitting and BBQ areas are a great place to just unwind and enjoy the wonderful surroundings, exercise and watch the butterflies and other small wildlife go by.

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